Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver Sidney Rice: Fantasy Football X-Factor

For those who have been waiting on Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Sidney Rice early on this season, it is about time that Rice has finally returned for the Vikings. However, he came at an inopportune time.  After he had success with the Buffalo Bills on 105 yards and 2 touchdowns, Brett Favre suffered an injured shoulder as well as numbness and tingling in his hands.  That does not bode well for Sidney Rice or any of the Vikings receivers down the stretch, as it means a serious nerve injury and potentially career-ending for Favre.  With Tavaris Jackson also injured, it now leaves the Minnesota Vikings with rookie Joe Webb and potentially free agent Patrick Ramsey in their game against the Chicago Bears. At this point, Rice and the receiving corps are in desperate trouble. He is no better than a WR2, but with the way the season is about to conclude, he could potentially become a WR3 or waiver wire fodder.  Head coach Leslie Frazier should heavily lean on Adrian Peterson the rest of the way out with Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions on the schedule.


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