Kansas City Chiefs Jamaal Charles Locked In for Five-Year Deal: What It Means for the Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs Jamaal Charles has signed for a five-year, $32.5 million deal with $13 million guaranteed. Charles has been a fantastic running back, pairing up with Thomas Jones.  He is currently ranked third in the NFL with 1,137 yards and the league’s best 6.2 yards per carry.  However, he only has 3 touchdowns this season. This deal should help the Kansas City Chiefs remain competitive for years to come, but first things first…

Matt Cassel has benefitted from Charles’ presence in the backfield.  Jamaal Charles brought the defensive backs inside as a running threat and alleviated the deep routes for Dwayne Bowe.  For the rest of this season, Charles should be able to steadily produce in terms of yardage, but difficult opponents are up for him.  The St. Louis Rams and the Oakland Raiders stiffer defenses could pose some problems.

With the season coming to a close and the looming lockout for next year, Charles and the rest of the league may not possibly play.  And as usual with these contracts, other running backs, usually rookies, step up in the rest of the league the season thereafter.


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