Fantasy Football Playoffs: Big Names Don’t Necessarily Win Games

With this season, it has shown that big names don’t necessarily win games, and superstars can come out of the most unexpected places. With quite a few potent offenses currently in flux (such as the Tennessee Titans, the San Diego Chargers and the Denver Broncos), it will be interesting to see how the season will end for these teams and the fantasy football players involved.  True, superstars like New England Patriots Tom Brady and San Diego Chargers Philip Rivers can win you games, but both of them have been remarkably inconsistent.  Against teams that they should have beaten, they have not played at their best. Kansas City Chiefs Dwayne Bowe and his counterpart, Denver Broncos Brandon Lloyd have been quite consistent this season, with Lloyd getting the edge from his quarterback Kyle Orton.  However, both have shakeups.  With the Denver Broncos, it is the change in coaches; and with the Kansas City Chiefs, it is the loss of their quarterback Matt Cassel for a game or two.

Now it is the fantasy football playoffs, and you have to seek reliable players, if possible, in this season of inconsistency. Aside from Peyton Hillis of the Cleveland Browns and Arian Foster of the Houston Texans, most players have been relatively inconsistent and undependable.  Last season was the season of the rookies, and this season have been the season of no-namers rising up the ranks.


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