Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys: NFL Week 14 Post-Game Analysis

This is the first round of the Philadelphia Eagles facing the Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles will face the two foes facing each other tomorrow night at Ford Stadium in Detroit, the Minnesota Vikings and the New York Giants. This NFC East rivalry game hasn’t been easy in the past, and it hasn’t been easy tonight.

Here’s what I saw in tonight’s game:

  • The Eagles still can strike early, but the Cowboys did as well.
  • Cowboys’ DeMarcus Ware is still a potent linebacker with two crushing sacks against Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.
  • The Cowboys defense watched film well.  They have been keyed upon Michael Vick. They’ve got to Vick several times tonight with pommeling hits and two interceptions.
  • The Eagles offensive line is still mediocre around Michael Vick.  He is constantly getting pressured or hit.
  • The Cowboys running game did what it intended to do: keep Michael Vick and the Eagles off the field. However, they didn’t count on DeSean Jackson‘s 91-yard strike.
  • Michael Vick finally got the entire team involved instead of carrying the entire offense by himself. It took him a while to understand that this is a team game, not a game just involving himself.
  • The Eagles defense had a key interception with Dimitri Patterson. The Eagles got 10 points afterwards and the lead.
  • Eagles running back LeSean McCoy broke out in the last half of the game.

With the close Eagles win of 30-27 against the Cowboys, Michael Vick had shown his mortality, literally and figuratively, against the Dallas Cowboys. The road to the Super Bowl won’t be easy as the Eagles face the New York Giants next. Remember this is the same defense that crippled quarterbacks early in the season.


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