Fantasy Football Playoffs: The Rule of Thirds

With this erratic NFL season where many teams are in playoff contention, besides playing matchups, one should also recognize the rule of thirds — that is, one big game by a player  is usually followed by average fantasy points afterwards, aside from kickers, defenses and a couple of running backs (notably Houston Texans Arian Foster and Cleveland Browns Peyton Hillis).  This has been that kind of season.  Buffalo Bills Fred Jackson and Oakland Raiders Darren McFadden suffered from this rule, where they both had phenomenal 30-plus point games followed by two busts before returning to their normal 15-18 point status.  If you’re into the playoffs, bear this in mind.  Lastly, note the transitions from teams that have lost their head coaches.  They have invigorated their teams with new strategies and tactics to win games.  No longer is creativity limited to New Orleans Sean Payton. This had led to surprisingly consistency in production from fantasy football players.  Best of luck in the playoffs!


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