Dallas Cowboys Running Back Tashard Choice: Fantasy Football X-Factor

The former Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket Tashard Choice finally makes an impression on the Dallas Cowboys squad, and may become the starting running back for the Dallas Cowboys soon.  Choice gained 100 yards on 19 carries and a touchdown against the quite soft Indianapolis Colts defense.  He had a hard running style when he was with the Yellow Jackets, much like Cincinnati Bengals Cedric Benson, but he had slightly quicker legs. Now it’s his turn to slowly and surely to replace Felix Jones and quite possibly Marion Barber.  Yet last year, he was the third or fourth option behind the running back roster. Opportunity knocked, and Choice has taken advantage of this opportunity.  But it will be interesting if he does indeed get the starter job ahead of Marion Barber too and not simply Felix Jones. Choice has demonstrated he is the better all-around back of the squad, but Felix Jones is comparable.  If he does get the starting job, he will be facing a relatively easy schedule ahead of him, aside from the Philadelphia Eagles perhaps.  He will face the Washington Redskins and the Arizona Cardinals before facing the Philadelphia Eagles again.  Optimistically, he could become a RB1, but realistically, I see him no better than a mid to high-end RB2 going forward this season.  He will face more problems in competition than Chris Ivory of the New Orleans Saints since both running backs, Felix Jones and Marion Barber, are still quite productive in their own right.


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