Denver Broncos Coach Josh McDaniels Replaced By Eric Studesville: What It Means for the Broncos

Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels have been replaced by interim coach Eric Studesville, former running back head coach.  Partially, McDaniels’ firing was a result of the videotaping of the San Francisco 49ers practice in London.  Partially, it was releasing some important players in the Broncos offense including Brandon Marshall now with the Miami Dolphins and Peyton Hillis now with the Cleveland Browns. Partially, it was because of the 3-9 season, and the destructive loss to the Oakland Raiders. Now the offense will get a change…

Eric Studesville, the former running back coach in the NFL, is set to finish out the rest of this season.  He still has potent weapons in his quarterback Kyle Orton, his receivers Brandon Lloyd and Eddie Royal, and running back Knoshown Moreno.  With McDaniels last bout against the Kansas City Chiefs, Studeville faces the Arizona Cardinals, the Oakland Raiders, the Houston Texans and the San Diego Chargers.  The last two games can be potentially difficult for the Broncos, but it depends on the offensive changes.

I believe Studesville will change the offense into a more conservative and balanced offense.  It’s not saying that the offense won’t rely on the pass, but the passing will be more dependent on the vulnerability of the opponent.  Orton should have less 300+ yard games, but he should also become more efficient to his receivers. Knoshown Moreno should get more touches, but he will still be split equally as a receiver option.  Overall, this change will do the team good, and with the owner Pat Bowlen still owing backpay to Mike Shannahan and Josh McDaniels, Studesville could potentially still have the job into next season (if there is one).


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