Philadelphia Eagles vs. Houston Texans: NFL Week 13 Post-Game Notes

The Philadelphia Eagles won the game against the Houston Texans 34-24, but despite the vaunting of quarterback Michael Vick, the Eagles team still has many flaws.

  • When Michael Vick gets jarred by the defensive backs, he really does not throw well afterwards.
  • The offensive line still is bad, considering how close Vick was getting sacked many times…
  • LeSean McCoy was average through halftime.  At the half, Vick rushed more yardage and had better yards per carry than LeSean McCoy.
  • Getting tight end Brent Celek involved is good. Dropping balls from Vick is bad.  I guess the receivers miss the hardballs that Donovan McNabb used to throw.
  • The Eagles defense did well holding back Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson and running back Arian Foster generally.  But Johnson still had a productive day gashing the Eagles secondary, and the Eagles defense always seems exposed coming into halftimes.

Overall, this game went as expected. The Eagles are a better team than most this season, but they are not great — yet. The Texans found ways to keep themselves in the game.  The only error being Texans quarterback Matt Schaub rushing his throws during his last significant drive, despite facing pressure only on third and fourth downs of the drive.  Now they face the Dallas Cowboys in their new stadium and their new coach. Considering how close the Cowboys came to winning over the New Orleans Saints, this should be a close game.


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