Philadelphia Eagles vs. Houston Texans: NFL Week 13 Pre-Game Analysis


One of the better matchups to date, with Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick suffering from a bad case of the fumbles and Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub erratically performing.  Both have potent offenses with elite wide receivers. Texans quarterback Matt Schaub has 15 touchdowns, 7 interceptions and a quarterback rating of 92.6 overall so far. Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has 13 touchdowns, 1 interception and a quarterback rating of 106. Based on performance and the fact that he won’t be under much pressure, I believe Michael Vick and the Eagles have the edge.

Running Backs:

Arian Foster of the Houston Texans has been the big consistent surprise this season.  He has 12 touchdowns, averaging 5.1 yards per carry and 1,147 yards to date. His reliever Derrick Ward has also contributed 3 touchdowns. The Eagles LeSean McCoy has 6 touchdowns, 5.0 yards per carry and 779 yards to date. Arian Foster and the Texans get a huge edge in this game, and Foster have faced tougher defenses before and did fairly well against them.

Wide Receivers:

These will be the stars of the game.  Houston Texans’ Andre Johnson has 5 touchdowns, 869 yards and averaging 13.4 yards per reception.  The Eagles wide receivers Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson have a combined total of 13 touchdowns, a combined total of 1,430 yards and averaging 17 yards per reception between the both of them. The Eagles get a tremendous edge.

Tight Ends:

The Eagles Brent Celek has 287 yards, 3 touchdowns and averaging 11.0 yards per reception. Houston Texans’ Joel Dreessen has 336 yards, 4 touchdowns and averaging 15.3  yards per reception.  This could be a push, as I see no reason for Michael Vick to resort to Brent Celek as a safety valve in this game and Joel Dreessen is merely a fourth option in the Texans offense.


Another interesting matchup. Houston Texans are ranked 31st against the pass and 1oth against the rush.  The Eagles are ranked 12th against the pass and 13th against the run.  However, last week, a surprisingly accurate Jay Cutler gashed the Eagles secondary. Matt Schaub should be capable of the same, as he put 2 touchdowns against the buckling Tennessee Titans. However, Michael Vick should be capable of feasting upon this passing defense easily, and Arian Foster should be more than capable of tearing up the Eagles running defense, if Matt Forte of the Chicago Bears can put up 100-plus yards.  This is a push, with a slight edge leaning toward the Eagles.


Coach Andy Reid will seemingly always favor airing the ball, and this may be the game to do it. Texans coach Gary Kubiak favors the pass but has a potent running game. In this game, Kubiak should resort to a balanced offense, similar to the Chicago Bears. I believe the Texans will get the edge, since Kubiak has more resources at his disposal.

The Edge:

Big game…31-28 Philadelphia Eagles, but the last drive should determine the winner of this bout.


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