The Chicago Bears Shut Down the Michael Vick Experience

This game was a bit unexpected, as the Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears win over the Philadelphia Eagles.  This was an experience enjoyed by the Bears defense, as they contained, sacked and harassed Eagles quarterback and Michael Vick for much of the game.  It was shocking that Jay Cutler, of all quarterbacks, in this game had a 146.2 quarterback rating with 4 touchdowns, 0 interceptions and 247 yards passing.  It was a tough battle, with the Bears running back Matt Forte paving the way with 117 total yards. Jay Cutler favored Earl Bennett and Johnny Knox much of the first half, and the score was a contested 21-13 Bears by halftime.  The Bears defense stepped up for their game against the Michael Vick experience.  In the closing of the first half, Julius Peppers sacked Vick on a scramble, and Chris Harris intercepted Michael Vick for the first time this season.  Vick was sacked at least once every quarter afterward, with him having a bad case of the fumbles.  Eagles tight end Brent Celek provided a good safety valve for Vick much of this game.  The Bears defense, led by stoic Brian Urlacher, was obviously getting in Vick’s head, and much like the New York Giants did previously, they contained the Michael Vick Experience.  The Bears scraped a win past the Eagles with 31-26 win, but they did bring a message — the Bears are for real and a team to contend with.  Luckily, for Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles, they face the Houston Texans next, which should be easier on Vick’s health, and it should turn into a high-scoring game. The Texans offense is just as explosive as the Eagles, but Vick won’t have to contend with a stiff defense.  After this match, however, the path to the Super Bowl for the Eagles will be tough with the New York Giants (defense) again, an inspired Dallas Cowboys team, and a revived methodical Minnesota Vikings team.


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