Tennessee Titans Wide Receiver Randy Moss: Fantasy Football X-Factor

Well, Randy Moss moved from the Minnesota Vikings and potentially could have been a New England Patriot again.  Now he’s a Tennessee Titans wide receiver.  So far in two games, he’s had 1 reception for 26 yards.  Obviously he’s been serving as a decoy, and this could lead to a volatile situation going forward. Nate Washington has taken over Kenny Britt‘s position as the primary receiver.  The situation is going downhill for Randy Moss, much more quickly if he stayed with the Minnesota Vikings (and Vikings head coach Brad Childress hadn’t put him on waivers.)  Should he have stayed with Patriots, he could have remained a WR1.  With the Vikings, even with Sidney Rice, he could have remained a WR2.  Now with the Titans, he’s no better than a WR3, and at worse, he’s simply waiver fodder.  Now with rookie Rusty Smith at the helm of the Tennessee Titans, the situation has gone from dark to bleak.  A powder keg has been lit.


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