Quarterback Option: The Insurance Policy for the 2010 NFL Season

With the number of quarterbacks down due to injuries this season, this season has seen a surprising number of backup quarterbacks make their appearance.  Unlike years before, the backups of this season have demonstrated they are just as capable of their starters. Well…sometimes.

With the Cleveland Browns, under their quarterback Colt McCoy, McCoy has lost both games by less than 6 points against the New York Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars.  He maintained an average 87.2 quarterback rating in those two games.  However, he suffered a high ankle sprain against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  McCoy has been a good “manager” in those games, relying on running back Peyton Hillis tremendously.  As a quarterback, he has been adequate, nothing more and nothing less.

With the Dallas Cowboys, under their quarterback Jon Kitna, Kitna has filled in for Tony Romo who will be out until the playoffs.  Kitna triumphed over the New York Giants and found Dez Bryant as his new primary wide receiver.  Dez Bryant was overlooked by Tony Romo in the beginning of the season.  So far, Kitna has won the past two games against the Detroit Lions and the New York Giants and has maintained an average 127 quarterback rating over those past two games. He has done well as a replacement for Tony Romo so far.

Regarding the Tennessee Titans, the Titans resorted to Kerry Collins in NFL week 6, as Vince Young was injured. Collins performed well, scoring a touchdown with tight end Bo Scaife and earning himself a 108.9 rating.  Then Collins became inconsistent gradually.  He scored three touchdowns against the Philadelphia Eagles, and through the next two games against the San Diego Chargers and Miami Dolphins, he plummeted down to 52.1 rating. Collins had to leave the Dolphins game due to a calf injury.  Now rookie Rusty Smith is at the helm of the Titans and Chris Simms is his backup against the Houston Texans.  Collins was an adequate backup quarterback, and now it’s Rusty Smith’s chance to prove himself.

Lastly, with the Philadelphia Eagles, Kevin Kolb replaced Michael Vick in week 4 after he suffered a rib injury against the Washington Redskins.  He was impressive over the next couple of games against the San Francisco 49ers and the Atlanta Falcons. He had a 103.3 rating against the 49ers, and he dominated the Falcons with three touchdowns and an impressive 133.6 rating.  However, he fell apart against the Tennessee Titans.  He had 2 interceptions and a turnover against the Titans defense.  He plummeted to a 54.2 rating and was replaced by Michael Vick after the bye.  Kolb demonstrated early success, but he needs to improve himself to be a starter once more.


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