Five Things the Philadelphia Eagles Should Improve Upon:The Thanksgiving Edition

It’s Thanksgiving time, and lots of homecooking, whether turkeys, hams or something else.  Now that the Philadelphia Eagles players will be eating their turkey drumsticks this Thanksgiving, and Coach Andy Reid will have a couple of turkeys roasting at home.  It’s time we evaluate how the Eagles should improve over this holiday.

Decide what to do with Michael Vick

A decision has to be made whether to extend his contract or not.  Additionally, Vick needs to get into his head that a football game is a team sport. I think he still believes he can manage the entire game on his own, only relying on DeSean Jackson and himself to carry the Eagles team to victory.It may sound harsh, but this single partnership is affecting the entire offensive corps.

Decide what to do with Kevin Kolb

A decision has to made what to do with his backup Kevin Kolb as well.  Many teams can benefit from Kolb’s fast maturity, such as their next opponent the Chicago Bears.  Kolb himself is signficantly better than Jay Cutler, and the Bears would be the among the first to offer him a contract.

Improve the Offensive Line

The New York Giants still exposed one of the weaknesses of the offensive line — the overload blitz.  The Chicago Bears defense can operate from that blueprint, and the rest of the teams of the regular season will do the same.  Michael Vick may be the best quarterback this season, but his durability will be exposed if he is continuously knocked around by the defensive backs.

Get Brent Celek Involved More

Tight end Brent Celek demonstrated frustration whenever Michael Vick returned as quarterback, beginning early in the season.  And it continues…He had no receptions in the game against the New York Giants, and the spectacular win on Monday night against the Washington Redskins, he only had 2 receptions for 8 yards and no touchdowns. The last touchdown he had was when Kevin Kolb was under center against the San Francisco 49ers. His production has fallen tremendously since the departure of Donovan McNabb

Defend Against the Run Better

The Philadelphia Eagles did a great containing the New York Giants tandem of Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs to 39 yards total rushing in last Sunday night’s game.  However, the Eagles defense, ranked 8th, is still not comparable to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 1st in rankings, in containing the run.  However, the Eagles are getting better. 


Everyone have a great holiday weekend.  And we’ll see how the Eagle face the challenge of the Chicago Bears.


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