Philadelphia Eagles vs. Chicago Bears: NFL Week 12 Pre-Game Analysis


One thing the Chicago Bears quarterbacks are known for the past five years is their durability — and their ability to get sacked.  Quarterback Jay Cutler is no different.  And, he lacks efficiency like his predecessor Rex Grossman, and his 84.2 quarterback rating shows. Cutler also has a nearly 1:1 ratio of touchdowns to interceptions.  Not a good sign.  Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was handed his first turnover last game and also blanked on touchdowns.  He has a 108.7 quarterback rating, and he faces a similar defense this time around. I expect Vick to get jolted several times in this game, but in terms of performance, Vick and the Eagles still get the edge.

Running backs:

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy has 6 touchdowns to date, averaging 5.0 yards per carry. Note that he was contained in the last game by the New York Giants for three quarters.  Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte has been increasingly more productive rushing over the last couple of games, and he’s averaging 3.0 yards per carry and has 4 touchdowns to date. In the battle of the defenses, Forte loses, and the Philadelphia Eagles get the edge.

Wide Receivers:

Bears Johnny Knox is the only potent wide receiver averaging 18.2 yards per reception and 1 touchdown.  Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson is averaging 19.8 yards per reception and has 5 touchdowns to date. And his counterpart Jeremy Maclin has 7 touchdowns while averaging 15 yards per reception.  The Eagles get a large edge on this one.

Tight Ends:

Bears tight end Greg Olsen has 322 yards, 4 touchdowns and averaging 11.5 yards per reception. Eagles Brent Celek has 237 yards, 2 touchdowns and averaging 10.3 yards per reception. Jay Cutler likes leaning on Greg Olsen, and he will do so in this game.  The Bears get a large edge.


The Chicago Bears defense is ranked 12th in passing and 2nd in rushing to date.  The Philadelphia Eagles defense is ranked 14th in passing and 8th in rushing.  This game will lean on either defense for them to win it for them.  I view this as quite possibly a push.  Both Jay Cutler and Michael Vick will both be knocked around by both defenses, and neither quarterback does well when they’re jostled around.  And both defenses are capable of containing the running backs.As a side note: it seems as if the Bears defense plays to the quality of its opponent.


Eagles coach Andy Reid will once again favor the pass, and Bears coach Lovie Smith will favor the run.  The edge goes to the Eagles since Jay Cutler is interception-prone, and the Eagles passing game should get them the edge leading into the second or third quarter.

The Edge:

The Eagles get the edge 30-16, barring any serious injury from Michael Vick. Vick got pommeled several times in the last game against the New York Giants, and this game won’t do him any favors.  He shown frustration in the last game, and the Bears defense will give him much of the same. I also expect this may be the first game that Michael Vick gets intercepted — and returned for a touchdown. Vick had several near-interceptions last game, and with this defense, the Bears can possibly capitalize.


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