Vince Young and the Clash of the Tennessee Titans Coach Jeff Fisher

This has been one hot contested season by far. With NFL players contending with their coaches, including the Dallas Cowboys Wade Phillips to now Minnesota Vikings Brad Childress, now there’s contention between the Tennessee Titan’s head coach Jeff Fisher and their quarterback Vince Young. Young reacted badly after being replaced due to a thumb injury by Rusty Smith in the third quarter in their loss to the Washington Redskins.  He supposedly tossed half his jersey and shoulder pads into the stands.  Now, the Titans are at a crossroad.

The decisions rest upon relieving Vince Young as a starter and again possibly replacing Jeff Fisher.  The easier option is replacing Young with either Kerry Collins or Rusty Smith. True, Young will be contentious with either decision, but unless Young matures quickly into the close of the regular season, a decision will have to be made.  The other decision lies with Jeff Fisher.  Fisher and Young had a private discussion, and the inhospitable atmosphere has affected the rest of the team, most notably wide receiver Nate Washington and tight end Bo Scaife. Fisher has been disappointed in their losses. The Titans’ upper management may make to have a decision, but they may be waiting to see if Fisher can maintain control of his locker room.  If Fisher can’t, he may be the third head coach to be fired this season.


3 comments on “Vince Young and the Clash of the Tennessee Titans Coach Jeff Fisher

  1. If I acted like Vince Young at my job I would be fired immediately!! Too much money for such a drama queen!! He needs to get a real job in the world and see how long people put up with his meltdowns!!

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