Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick: Contract Extension or Not?

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid has yet to offer to extend the contract for his current starter quarterback Michael Vick.  Seems kind of odd, given the superstar performance he had with the Washington Redskins.  Most of the Eagles fans are screaming for the offer, but business comes first.  Rather, it’s Michael Vick’s questionable durability, not his passing or rushing abilities.  He would gladly extend the offer, if Vick had the durability of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre or Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.  If he did, I imagine Andy Reid would gladly extend the contract.

Another wrinkle lies in the money factor on multiple counts.  The Eagles have a cap that they have to contend with, and their offensive young superstars in the name of running back LeSean McCoy, wide receivers DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, tight end Brent Celek among others. They would want a similar increase in pay, and Eagles owner Jeff Lurie simply wouldn’t have that much money to offer.

The last wrinkle lies in their backup quarterback Kevin Kolb. If Micheal Vick gets a huge contract extension, more than say Donovan McNabb‘s 5-year, $78 million extension, Kevin Kolb would be equivalent to Philadelphia Phillies Jayson Werth and his possible trade. Kolb would have to be ultimately sacrificed for a lesser quarterback.  It would be a bit of a muddled mess there.


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