Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants: NFL Week 11 Pre-Game Analysis


Giants quarterback Eli Manning is having an astounding season, However, with all resources at his disposal, the New York Giants was a juggernaut until they faced the Dallas Cowboys. Now they face the potent Eagles quarterback Michael Vick with an amazing performance with 4 passing touchdowns and 2 rushing touchdowns from last Monday night.  Eli Manning has 19 touchdowns and 13 picks coming to this game; Michael Vick has 11 touchdowns passing and 0 interceptions and an astonishing 115.1 quarterback rating.  On terms of performance, Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles get the edge.

Running Backs:

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy has 615 yards, averaging 4.7 yards per carry and 5 touchdowns coming into this game.  Meanwhile, Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs together have over 1,200 yards rushing and 10 touchdowns between them and averaging a bit over 5.0 yards average between them per carry.  It appears that the New York Giants get the edge in terms of running backs.  But if you factor in Michael Vick’s 4 rushing touchdowns, the edge to the Giants has been reduced.

Wide Receivers:

Giants wide receiver Steve Smith is injured, and Hakeem Nicks has 735 yards, averaging 13.1 yards per reception, and 9 touchdowns. The Giants are getting depleted in the passing offense, and Steve Smith served as a good decoy for Hakeem Nicks.  He’ll face the same issue that Indianapolis Colts with Reggie Wayne has — double coverage.  Eagles wide receivers DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin have nearly 1,200 yards between them, averaging 18 yards per reception between the both of them, and 12 touchdowns.  And with Michael Vick still lighting it up, they should be more than capable of the edge in this game.

Tight Ends:

Eagles Brent Celek is averaging 10.3 yards per reception and still has only 2 touchdowns. Giants Kevin Boss has 15.6 yards per reception and 2 touchdowns as well.  In this game, I believe still that Eli Manning will lean on Kevin Boss quite a lot, without Steve Smith to reduce pressure downfield.  The Giants have the edge in this game by a wide margin.


The Giants defense ranks 4th in passing yards and 3rd in rushing yards.  The Eagles rank 16th and 12th in the pass and rush respectively.  If the Giants defense steps up, unlike they did with the Dallas Cowboys, this could be a game. However, the game changer lies in if the Eagles can get ahead quickly, like they did with the Washington Redskins. I favor the latter since the Eagles can get ahead easier in my opinion, if they deploy wide receiver and running back screens like the Cowboys did.  The Giants defense seems very vulnerable to that tactic. By the numbers, the Giants get the edge, but they can be broken.


Eagles coach Andy Reid still heavily favors the pass, despite the garbage time running yardage deployed last week.  Coach Tom Coughlin favors a more balanced approach, although favors the run.  Eli Manning was frustrated by his loss to the Dallas Cowboys and intent on winning over the Eagles.  Michael Vick is playing for the Super Bowl and quite possibly a contract. The Eagles get the edge, I believe, since Michael Vick is quite driven.

The Edge:

The edge goes to the Eagles 27-17, if Michael Vick doesn’t get injured.  He has a big red target on his back from all defenses going forward, especially against the Chicago Bears and this defense.  His mobility is awesome, but his durability is questionable compared to the likes of Brett Favre or Jay Cutler.


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