Coach Jason Garrett and His New Legacy: The Dallas Cowboys Trump the New York Giants

After the firing of former head coach Wade Phillips, Jason Garrett, the offensive coordinator, was named the Dallas Cowboys head coach.  And it seems that the coach’s no-nonsense approach has enervated the Cowboys team, much like Jimmy Johnson did.  Even though they did not score a touchdown into two quarters, they did score three field goals and were winning over the New York Giants 9-3.  The Dallas Cowboys defense did a good job into three quarters, limited the Giants running back tandem Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs 47 yards total.  Into the second quarter, cornerback Bryan McCann intercepted a pass from Eli Manning for 101 yards and a touchdown. It was now 19-6 Cowboys.  In the third quarter, off a screen from Jon Kitna, running back Felix Jones ran 71 yards for touchdown.  And then the lights went out for the New Meadowlands Stadium.  You can’t blame Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for not paying the electric bills on this one.

For a high-scoring game of 33- 20, at the end of the day, Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant tore up the Giants defense on 3 receptions for 104 yards and a touchdown. Jon Kitna threw for 3 touchdowns and a whopping 327 yards. And new head coach Jason Garrett has kept his job, after defeating the juggernaut of a team, the New York Giants. If the team can keep this pace up, against the relatively easy next three games against the Detroit Lions, the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints, it should be capable of remaining competitive for at least a wild card berth.


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