Percy Harvin and His Headaches: The Life of a Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver

Old news resurfaces again. Minnesota Vikings Percy Harvin has headaches.  This has been the third time already this season in which migraines affected him. When he had his first headache, he only received 1 catch for 12 yards against the New Orleans Saints, but he wasn’t the primary receiver back then.  When he became the primary receiver for quarterback Brett Favre, he did exceedingly well at over 100 yards in games against the New England Patriots and Arizona Cardinals.  However, whether it’s due to his headaches or not, he didn’t score a touchdown in either game.  Now it’s the third time against the Chicago Bears.  The Chicago Bears defense led by middle linebacker Brian Urlacher, similar to the Green Bay Packers defense he faced earlier, won’t give him such an easy time.  He should be kept under 100 yards and no touchdowns, if the Bears pressure Favre consistently.  Brian Urlacher and his devastating corps will make certain Brett Favre remains contained.

But that’s one person on the Vikings team who has headaches.  Head coach Brad Childress and quarterback Brett Favre have similar headaches. Brad Childress has fallen in favor with some of the players in the locker room. Somehow, Brett Favre is redeeming his coach, despite all the commotion. In the meantime, Brett Favre’s texting scandal with Jenn Sterger is nearing a close.  The NFL investigation into the violation of workplace conduct will decide Favre’s fate within the next week or so, I imagine.  Brett Favre will be in for one big headache or none at all.  With Jenn Sterger being opportunistic over the past month or so, the NFL should rule in Brett Favre’s favor.  One headache gone.  It just leaves Brad Childress to rebuild his team, and Percy Harvin to continue pushing through the mess in the locker room.

This is the life of one Vikings wide receiver.


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