Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins: NFL Week 10 Pre-Game Analysis


Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick will meet his sponsor Washington Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb.  This is a rematch of an earlier game, and it should be a wild one. Michael Vick has 7 touchdowns and an impressive 105.3 quarterback rating. On the Eagles side, Vick has to contend with a lazy offensive line with him under center.  The offensive line doesn’t feel it has a need to protect Vick so it doesn’t. Meanwhile, quarterback Donovan McNabb has 7 touchdowns as well, and a 76 rating.  However, Rex Grossman may replace Donovan McNabb at any time. The edge goes to the Philadelphia Eagles in this matchup, but that offensive line of the Eagles isn’t going to do Vick any favors in this game.

Running backs:

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy has 5 touchdowns at 4.7 yards per carry. Redskins running back Ryan Torain has 3 touchdowns at 4.3 yards per carry. Interesting push.  However, Torain has a slightly tougher road against the Philadelphia defense. McCoy and the Philadelphia Eagles has a very slight edge over the Redskins.

Wide Receivers:

DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin have 10 touchdowns between the both of them, and averaging about 17 yards per reception. Santana Moss and Joey Galloway have only 2 touchdowns between them and averaging a bit over 11 yards per reception.  Not too good for the Redskins.  The edge goes to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Tight Ends:

Eagles tight end Brent Celek has only 2 touchdowns so far and averaging at 10.9 yards per reception. Chris Cooley has 2 touchdowns and averaging 11.3 yards per reception.  The Redskins get the edge since McNabb (or Grossman) will lean on Cooley more in this game.


The Philadelphia Eagles rank 15th in the pass, and 12th against the run.  The Washington Redskins defense ranks 31st against the pass, and 18th against the run.  The Eagles get  the edge in the game overall, but the Redskins get a slight edge in the intimidation factor for Michael Vick.


Coach Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles will favor the pass again, and Redskins coach Mike Shanahan will most likely favor balance.  However, Coach Shanahan suggested he might bench quarterback Donovan McNabb should he become inept.  However, McNabb has shown he is capable of bouncing back in a big way, after being benched.  I view this as a push.  Shanahan may have invigorated McNabb into playing better, and this could be a battle of the quarterbacks.

The Edge:

The Philadelphia Eagles will win over the Washington Redskins 20-17, but I think this one could come at a cost of Michael Vick.  The Redskins defense is well aware of Vick’s running capabilities, and he was already jarred in the game against the Indianapolis Colts.  If the Redskins defense doesn’t immediately hurt him, the New York Giants defense and the Chicago Bears defense will finish the job for them.


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