San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Troy Smith: Fantasy Football X-Factor

This is going to be a packaged deal for fantasy football — quarterback Troy Smith and head coach Mike Singletary.  It’s ultimately going to affect Mike Singletary’s position  — and the other players on the team, most notably wide receiver Michael Crabtree, running back Frank Gore and tight end Vernon Davis.  But we’re going to separate the fantasy football aspect from the real life aspect for a moment.

If he does indeed start, Troy Smith will face the St. Louis Rams, whose defense has been formidable at times and whose offense has remained competitive under quarterback Sam Bradford and running back Steven Jackson. Fortunately, for Smith, the Rams are not playing at home. Smith has been surprisingly accurate for 12 of 19 for 196 yards and 1 touchdown for a 115.2 rating in the Denver Broncos game.  He should accomplish much the same against the Rams. The only difficulties I see down the road are with the Arizona Cardinals, the Green Bay Packers and San Diego Chargers.  Troy Smith should be able to develop chemistry between Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis over the next two relatively easy games. He could potentially develop into a QB1 over the course of the season, with the ease of schedule.  As long as the team remains healthy and Frank Gore pounds the ball, it should give Troy Smith some breathing room to develop, and Mike Singletary should be able to save his job as head coach.


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