Hard Hits and Concussions in the NFL: Proposals for Commissioner Roger Goodell

With the NFL referees dictated by Commissioner Roger Goodell to crack down on hard hits, many referees from the previous week overcalled hits upon players this weekend. Here are some quick and dirty proposals to resolve to this problem:

  • As well as administering the penalty on the player or players during the game, the player who committed such deed should get immediately suspended from the game. I know this might be a little harsh, and teams may play a couple of players short.  But if soccer and Australian Rules Football can play with players short, if they get penalized or otherwise injured, American football can play by the same rules.
  • Obviously, increase the fine administered after the penalty for the players who committed the penalty, such as hacking into any potential bonuses.  This will wake the NFL teams up.
  • Increase padding or require the collar brace, like some linebackers used to wear. If Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick can use Kevlar padding to pad his injured ribs, the rest of the league can use modified Kevlar as well.

Since the increase of season-ending injuries and concussions this season, Commissioner Roger Goodell has attempted to strictly enforce the rules.  However, administering fines after the fact won’t stop it during the game nor would it send a direct message to the NFL players.  The current rules will be changed, as necessary, by the Competition Committee after this season ends, and the collective bargaining agreement will hopefully be resolved by the start of next season.


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