The Wade Phillips Experiment is Ending for the Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys were decimated by the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field 45-7.  It had to be a bad day for the Cowboys when Green Bay running back Brandon Jackson both ran and scored a touchdown in early 1st quarter.  Brandon Jackson isn’t even at the level of Ryan Grant.  Furthermore, Aaron Rodgers had a field with 289 yards, 3 touchdowns and an astronomical 131.5 quarterback rating into 3 quarters of the game.

I was astonished not by the fact that the Dallas lost by this margin, but the Dallas Cowboys players simply gave up early in the 1st quarter.  There was a general atmosphere of malaise and indifference on the Dallas Cowboys bench.  Only two players had any concern in this game: wide receiver Dez Bryant and quarterback Jon Kitna.  Both of them at least attempted to play like they meant it.  It even afflicted the Dallas Cowboys defense. The linebackers were lining out of position, and the cornerbacks gave up on passes from Aaron Rogers too early.  This was a sad sight.

Now head coach Wade Phillips was  seen at the Valley Ranch training center for the Monday discussion with owner Jerry Jones. With the impending press conference later with Philips, I imagine this is the final decision for Wade Philips and Jerry Jones to make.  Either way, it does not look good for Philips.  Either he is going to be cut immediately, or potential replacements are being discussed currently between Jones and Philips so that Philips can finish the season. I can’t imagine Jones having this kind of patience with Philips when former coach Jimmy Johnson was terminated quickly for a dispute with him.

In any case, it’s the end of the Wade Phillips era for the Cowboys.  No matter how much the players may have liked him, it’s time for him to move on.


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