Cleveland Browns Quarterback Colt McCoy: Fantasy Football X-Factor

Eric Mangini appears to give to go-ahead to young Colt McCoy to face Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.  He did the most damage in the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers with 281 yards passing and 1 touchdown.  But that was then, and this is now. On the bright side, he’s facing one of the worst passing defenses, ranked 31st, this season. He should be able to gain touchdowns — and interceptions, as he already has shown he has rookie jitters.  He does have an relatively easy schedule until he faces the New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers.  I believe McCoy will face a difficult time down the road, and he will have to learn to adapt and improve quickly after the first few games ahead, like his colleague Sam Bradford of the St. Louis Rams has done with his team.  Currently, he’s at best a QB2 with unfortunately lots of downside, and at worst, waiver wire fodder until he proves himself.  And with Peyton Hillis‘ production dropping, it won’t help this young quarterback.  It could quite possibly stunt his growth. In the end, Eric Mangini may have to resort to Jake Delhomme or Seneca Wallace again.


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