Randy Moss and the Tennessee Titans: His Impact on Fantasy Football

Recently, Randy Moss of the Minnesota Vikings was released for his commentary against the tactics of his coach Brad Childress, among other things.  As a result, Brad Childress placed Moss on waiver, and the owners and some players of the organization were in disagreement.  But what is done is done.

Now Randy Moss is suited up with the Titans. The first impact rests upon wide reciever Kenny Britt, who dominated the Philadelphia Eagles with three touchdowns and now injured his hamstring.  Nate Washington took over his place for the game but lacks the athleticism of Britt.  With the wide receivers of Tennessee, Randy Moss will throw in some exceedingly great talent opposite of Kenny Britt, when he gets healthy.  Until then, Nate Washington will have to cement his role as nothing more as secondary wideout.  Randy Moss will get all the glory…that is, until Kenny Britt returns. This may turn to a powder keg of a situation, if Moss gets ignored when Britt comes back, and head coach of the Titans Jeff Fisher may regret this waiver claim.

Vince Young and Kerry Collins both have their work cut for them with Randy Moss on the field.  Both of these quarterbacks should benefit significantly in the short term with Moss.  Moss will get them the scores they need to win the games over the next month or so.  However, Kenny Britt remains the questionable factor when he returns near the playoffs for both of  these quarterbacks.

Running back Chris Johnson will also be impacted by the presence of Randy Moss.  I imagine he could get less touchdowns, if Randy Moss scores early in games. He would still accumulate yardage in essentially “garbage time” but his lack of touchdowns could be  a bit disheartening.

The Tennessee Titans defense would essentially be what the Philadelphia Eagles defense was a few years ago.  With the Titans capable of building an early lead, it would be up to the defense to maintain it.  In which case, the defense wouldn’t have to force interceptions to come their way, they would come as a result of desperation from the opposing teams.

Summing it up (the impact for at least three weeks or so):

Vince Young/Kerry Collins – QB1s

Kenny Britt – WR2/WR1 perhaps later

Nate Washington – WR3

Chris Johnson – Formerly high-end RB1 to low-end RB1

Titans defense – Must-start


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