Fantasy Football Running Back Quick Picks for NFL Week 9

Again, I will reiterate these are Must-Starts for The Big Five:

Now to the other running backs in NFL Week 9:

Matt Forte/Chester Taylor (Chicago Bears vs. Buffalo Bills): Potential RB1s, but the offensive coordinator Mike “Air” Martz will want to air the ball. Count them as RB2s.

Fred Jackson (Buffalo vs. Chicago): Tough sledding, young man. RB3 at best.

Ronnie Brown (Miami Dolphins vs. Baltimore Ravens): Been anemic lately for this once potent running back. RB3 against this defense.

Ray Rice/Willis McGahee (Baltimore vs. Miami): With this split time, he could become a low-end RB1.¬† But it’s transformed into a shared running committee similar to Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw.

Chris Ivory (New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers): Great game, RB1. Possibly before the running committee returns with Reggie Bush coming back soon to join the backfield.

Jonathan Stewart (Carolina vs. Saints): Can be a RB2, most likely a RB3 or flex.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis (New England Patriots vs. Cleveland Browns): What did the Browns do to deserve this. Law Firm will lay down the hammer — easy RB1 status.

Mike Tolbert (San Diego Chargers vs. Houston Texans): RB2.

Javhid Best (Detroit Lions vs. New York Jets): Tough. RB2 at best, RB3 or flex given the way he’s running right now.

Tim Hightower/Beanie Wells (Arizona Cardinals vs. Minnesota Vikings): Can be run upon, but Hightower has the bigger upside. Beanie Wells may lack the power to break through the Vikings defense. Both RB2s, but Hightower is the upper end of this matchup.

Ahmad Bradshaw/Brandon Jacobs (New York Giants vs. Seattle Seahawks): Bradshaw gets the RB1 nod. Jacobs gets the RB2 nod.

Marshawn Lynch/Justin Forsett/Leon Washington (Seattle Seahawks vs. New York Giants): RB3s in this matchup, since it appears the Seahawks have converted into a running committee and against this grueling defense.

Jamaal Charles (Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders): This defense is stronger than it appears, but he’s still a RB1.

Darren McFadden (Oakland vs. Kansas City): RB1 as well in this interesting matchup.

Joseph Addai/Donald Brown (Indianapolis Colts vs. Philadelphia Eagles): RB2s for this.

Marion Barber/Felix Jones (Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers): RB3s or flex with the Cowboys breaking down.

Cedric Benson (Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers): They can be run, but first they must be thrown upon. RB2.

LeGarette Blount/Cadillac Williams  (Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Atlanta Falcons): RB2 for Blount, and Cadillac gets a RB3 or flex.

Michael Turner (Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay): Could be RB1.


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