Game 5 of the MLB World Series: What I Learned About This Game

Tonight is the matchup of Texas Rangers Cliff Lee and the San Francisco Giants Tim Lencicum at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.  Well, no costumes tonight or former presidents to attend this game.  But this is it for Cliff Lee…will he make or break the Rangers?

Here’s what I learned about this game so far:

  • Cliff Lee and Tim Lencicum have turned this game into a pitcher’s duel that we’ve been waiting for. I guess Lee and Lencicum needed some rest to clear their heads.
  • Nelson Cruz had one hell of an athletic 6th inning, with a dive miss from the bat off of Freddy Sanchez and a jump near the wall by Buster Posey.
  • Josh Hamilton has been taught about sending souvenirs (aka his bat) from Buster Posey and Cody Ross.  I guess the skill needed to be shared.
  • Cliff Lee began breaking down in the 7th inning, and Edgar Renteria delivered a blow to the Rangers with a three-run homer. Lee looked devastated.
  • San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson closed the game and made the San Francisco Giants World Champions since 1954. Amazing pitcher in a dominant Giants team for this series.

Well, the Giants won, and Nolan Ryan is pissed. What does Fox have Friday nights on television again?


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