Game 4 of the MLB World Series: What I Learned About This Game

Lyle Lovett opened up for this Halloween game in Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.  It is a critical game for the Texas Rangers to want to simply tie this series, and the San Francisco Giants want to steal the win from the Rangers at their home while they can.  San Franscisco Giants starting pitcher is Madison Bumgarner, and the Texas Rangers have Tommy Hunter. Another pitcher’s duel perhaps?

Here’s what I learned about this game with the San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers:

  • Solid pitcher’s duel between Madison Bumgarner and Tommy Hunter. Until the bullpen rotation for the Rangers began in the 5th inning.
  • San Francisco Giants still have more potent bats than the Rangers. At least when it counts. Aubrey Huff blasted a two run homer in 3rd inning, and he launched it. Buster Posey contributed again with a homer this series in the 8th inning.
  • Rangers Josh Hamilton made an awesome diving catch off of Nick Schierholtz to end the 2nd inning.
  • Waldo, George W. Bush and George Bush were in attendance of this game.  The latter two were not in costume — maybe.
  • The Giants have lived off the fantastic double-plays against the Rangers, whether it’s from Juan Uribe or Freddy Sanchez.
  • San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson closed the doors of the shutout game of 4-0 Giants.  He is a very solid closer.
  • Texas Rangers part-owner Nolan Ryan is unhappy yet again.

The Series is now 3-1 Giants, and the Rangers back are against the wall. Now we wait for Game 5 with the starting pitchers of the Giants Tim Lincecum and Rangers Cliff Lee. Cliff Lee will have to save the day in the next game, but will the pressure get to him or the San Francisco Giants bats will?


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