Game 3 of the MLB World Series: What I Learned About This Game

In Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, we have Game 3 of this 2010 World Series of the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers.  The Texas Rangers are now at home and won’t have to deal with the humid Bay air.

For this game that I have learned that:

  • Texas starting pitcher Jonathan Sanchez and San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Colby Lewis are up.  Both have been solid, except Texas Rangers first baseman Mitch Moreland got a three-run homer in the bottom of the 2nd inning off of Lewis.
  • Nolan Ryan didn’t have to pitch in this game after all. The Rangers beat San Francisco 4-2.
  • Giants Juan Uribe has a potent bat that the Texas Rangers pitchers shouldn’t mess with.  He hits the ball square on. He also plays excellent defense. He’s done amazing double plays in all of the 2010 post-season games so far.
  • The Rangers look infinitely more relaxed and better at home than they did  in San Francisco. The Rangers are also more aggressive. Must be from all those pulled pork sandwiches…
  • Cody Ross loves that middle in pitch. He has gotten several homers in the post-season from that specific pitch. He got another one tonight off of Colby Lewis.

Now the World Series has gotten interesting. The Series is now 2-1 San Francisco Giants.

Off to Game 4 here in Arlington…


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