Game 2 of the MLB World Series: What I Learned About This Game

With Joe Montana watching the second game of the 2010 World Series,  one had to figure this game was bound to be good one. The game just needed some Jerry Rice catching the football for a game-winning touchdown for the San Francisco 49ers , and the game would have something.

Here’s what I learned about the San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers in their game at AT & T Park:

  • Texas Rangers starting pitcher C.J. Wilson and San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Matt Cain turned this game into a pitchers’ duel. That is until the 8th inning, when both were relieved….
  • Both Buster Posey and Cody Ross have learned to throw their bats into the lower stands. I guess that’s the place to be to collect souvenirs for this World Series.
  • Matt Cain kept his cool and earned his win. The San Francisco Giants having a great defense helped.
  • Officer Kristin Day was a great singer. She had great emotion, and the crowd felt it and sang with her.
  • C.J. Wilson was taken out in the 7th inning for a blister. Hmm…okay?  I was never taken out for a blister when I used to pitch.
  • Juan Uribe and Edgar Renteria have been keys in bringing in runners for the San Francisco Giants.
  • Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland was incredibly bad pitcher in the 8th inning.  Bases load, 11 balls thrown, and a walk home to assist the Giants lead 3-0 isn’t going to earn him kudos from his bench.
  • Second attempt to end this inning with Rangers pitcher Mark Lowe didn’t do any better with another walk in for a run and a hit by Edgar Renteria to bring in two more runners.
  • Third attempt by Rangers pitcher Michael Kirkman was just as disastrous with the previous two Texas Rangers pitchers.  But Kirkman finally closed the 8th inning to a 9-0 Giants lead.
  • Lastly, according to that MLB-sponsored commercial, steroids aren’t for child athletes. It does damage to the liver and bones of child athletes, and everyone should talk with their children about it.

Part-owner, team president and former Texas Rangers pitcher Nolan Ryan didn’t look too happy for this game. I bet Nolan Ryan wished he could have pitched in this game in the extended 8th inning. If he has a say in it for Game 3, he might.

The Giants are up 2-0 in this series with a shutout of the Rangers.

Off to Game 3 in Rangers Ballpark in Arlington


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