Fantasy Football X-Factor Special Edition: Minnesota Vikings Quarterbacks Brett Favre and Tarvaris Jackson

With all the melodrama and interceptions surrounding Brett Favre, Vikings head coach Brad Childress may have to focus on repairing the morale of his team — and quite possibly, his own morale as well.  11-time Pro Bowler Brett Favre appears that he will face the New England Patriots this Halloween maybe.  If not, backup Tarvaris Jackson will face the Patriots since his 2008 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Brett Favre’s 68.0 quarterback rating, the Jenn Sterger scandal and his injuries aren’t helping his cause to start though.

Everyone knows the record-breaking statistics with Brett Favre, but Tarvaris Jackson don’t carry such accolades.  Even though Jackson carries a 113.4 rating and a touchdown in 2009, it’s a bit skewed.  He only had 21 attempts as a quarterback in eight games total. Three passing attempts a game average doesn’t exactly show what Jackson may be capable of.  Amazingly though, he had only one interception in those eight games. If Tarvaris does start, I believe he should be a capable quarterback to make the Vikings competitive against an inconsistent Patriots offense.

But who’s to benefit from a change in quarterback aside from Tarvaris?  Coach Brad Childress will be the first, since he can rebuild his team morale.  Second, tight end Visanthe Shiancoe and running back Adrian Peterson will both benefit immediately from this change. Coach Brad Childress will be wary of interceptions, and short passes and running the ball will minimize the damage of interceptions. Next, recovering wide receiver Sidney Rice won’t arrive into a broken team. Lastly, perhaps Brett Favre may consider retirement, and maybe take his mess with him. In that case, it may benefit everyone, including Brett.


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