Game 1 of the MLB World Series: What I Learned About This Game

The World Series officially started last night. And as a Philadelphia Phillies fan, I have to root for Cliff Lee and his Texas Rangers, despite the comments he made previously. Cliff Lee made the comment as a competitive professional athlete, and it should be taken as such.  I know, Pat Burrell is on the San Francisco Giants, but then again, he was with the Tampa Bay Rays, which makes it strike two for him. So in my mind, Cliff Lee over Pat Burrell.

After this discussion, I have learned these things about the Giants and the Rangers game at AT & T Park.

  • San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lencicum and Texas Rangers pitcher Cliff Lee are hittable by their respective opponents. Cliff Lee was surprisingly more hittable than Tim Lencicum.
  • Rangers pitcher Cliff Lee can hit the ball solidly, unlike Philadelphia Phillies pitchers Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt.  He’s a respectable batter.
  • Cody Ross can still hit — and now gained the ability give a Giants fan a World Series souvenir (aka his bat) to the lower stands.
  • Cliff Lee got decimated in the 5th inning, and boy, he certainly ran fast to get to the bench.
  • Juan Uribe put the No Way with Texas Rangers pitcher Darren O’Day in the 5th inning with a devastating home run to bring in three runs for the Giants.
  • Tony Bennett loves San Francisco. A lot. (Luckily, it wasn’t Tammy Nelson again.)
  • I don’t believe Aubrey Huff missed the first base bag in the 6th inning.  He had a solid hit off of Giants pitcher Sergio Romo, and he blatantly missed the bag. Incredible.
  • Giants bats were hot, and the Rangers pitchers and players were not. The Texas Rangers had four costly errors in this game and 14 hits from the Giants.
  • Vladimir Guerrero had two errors in the bottom of the 8th inning. He might consider using superglue on those gloves.
  • Lastly, Giants closer Brian Wilson is still a solid closer.

Well, the Texas Rangers got beaten, but not without a push in the 9th inning.

Off to Game 2…


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