As the Brett Favre Turns: The Diva, The Fracture and The Sexting

Minnesota Viking‘s quarterback Brett Favre has been caught in a whirlwind lately.  First, it began with Jenn Sterger, then tendenitis, then his coach Brad Childress yelling at NFL referees, then his ankle injury, then back to Jenn Sterger and Deanna Favre…Well, that makes none of us wanting to be Favre’s shoes right about now.

Brett Favre has always been a diva, a child to others, particularly his wife Deanna.  She has fallen on  hard times again.  In 1995, it was Brett Favre’s addiction to Vicodin. In 1999, it was his drinking problem.  Eleven years later, it’s come to Jenn Sterger and the sexting.  Professionally in Favre’s life, it was jerking the chain of Green Bay’s quarterback Aaron Rogers a while ago, and this year, it is Vikings coach Brad Childress employing his players to drag Favre out of hiding. I guess Brett Favre needs a melodrama fix where disaster revolves around him.

Jenn Sterger, a former New York Jets hostess, and Brett Favre, a former Jets quarterback, were exchanging explicit notes and photographs via cell phone in 2008.  Admittedly, Brett Favre has now confessed to the NFL brass of his wrongdoings — only confessing to the voicemail messages, but not to the photographs. It’s a start, Brett. Supposedly, a financial settlement in the works between Brett Favre’s and Jenn Sterger’s attorneys. Financial opportunity knocked for Sterger, and she took it.  The emotional and professional impact upon Brett may have taken its toll. Deanna had to come out of the woodwork to somewhat defend her husband’s behavior on ABC’s Good Morning, America. And now, Brett may have suffered physical injury, perhaps to hide what’s troubling underneath.

Brett Favre suffered a stress fracture of his ankle and an “avulsion fracture” of his calcaneus, or his heel area. Compounding that, he had tendinitis of his elbow previously.  I believe both are an attempt to hide the Jenn Sterger scandal from himself. What better than a physical injury to hide a disaster that is directly affecting his homelife?  The question remains is whether Vikings head coach Brad Childress will let Brett Favre sit.  Highly unlikely, given the financial investment he made this year, including the $3 million bonus.  I think Brett Favre will have to brave through it, with or without medication. Whether he will do well, that’s a question for when he’s on the field, but I don’t believe he will do well. (Sadly, Vikings wide receiver Sidney Rice will be stepping in a mess he won’t want to return to.)

Karma is a strange thing. It will find a way to bite you back when you least  expect it. This time, karma attacked Brett Favre relentlessly and hasn’t let go yet.


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