Fantasy Football X-Factor: Detroit Lions Running Back Javhid Best

Since Javhid Best of the Detroit Lions suffered a Grade II turf toe injury against the Minnesota Vikings, his statistics have been appalling lately.  Before his toe injury, he had scored a total of 4 touchdowns agaisnt the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Bears and was averaging about 4.7 yards per carry rushing and 12.1 yards per reception.  Since then, his statistics have fallen to a mediocre 3.0 yards per carry rushing average and 6.8 yards per reception, about 40% or so reduction in production from one of the better rookies in the league.  He’s still getting about the same number of attempts on the ground.  Upcoming though, Javhid Best is facing some of the stiffer defenses in the league, notably the New York Jets, the Chicago Bears and the Miami Dolphins.  At this point, he may be worth considering a fair trade, but  he does have tremendous upside, based on his pure talent and skill. Compared to veterans like Cincinnati Bengals’ Cedric Benson or Washington Redskins’ Clinton Portis, he has already demonstrated his skill far exceeded both of them.  In my opinion, he is worth keeping for at least one more week against the Washington Redskins.  According to recent reports, his turf toe injury may be 100 percent healed, and the Redskins is as good as team for him to test his running prowess with. However, if he fails in production again, I believe he may be worth a fair trade with an equivalent running back or wide reciever, a mid to high-RB2 or WR2.


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