The Despair-ity of The Dallas Cowboys and Their Super Bowl Homecoming

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tomo Romo had his clavicle broken in early second quarter of last night’s game against the New York Giants. Giants linebacker Michael Boley simply leveled Tony Romo into a pile. Backup quarterback Jon Kitna tried to make up lost ground by throwing passes to Dez Bryant twice late in the fourth quarter, but it was too little too late.  The Cowboys are indeed at a low point in their NFL seasons to date with a 1-5 record. Jon Kitna can attempt to salvage a lost season, but the Cowboys won’t make the playoffs unless via wild card now. Kitna supposedly has 6-8 weeks to do so, until Romo’s clavicle is healed.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wishes that his team would make a triumphant return for the Super Bowl in the epic Cowboys Stadium.  Maybe not this year.

Unfortunately, the record is not entirely head coach Wade Philips fault this time around. None of the players on the Dallas team are playing to win.  They’re playing to maintain status quo.  In this perplexing NFL season, where the Buffalo Bills were competitive against the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns stifled the New Orleans Saints, status quo isn’t going to quite cut it. Wide reciever Miles Austin disappeared in the second half. Cowboys running backs Marion Barber and Felix Jones only totaled 41 yards the entire game. Remarkable.

Furthermore, the Dallas Cowboys have been horrendously underachieving this year, but that can be said of many superior teams of the previous year, from the Indianapolis Colts to the New Orleans Saints. The Dallas Cowboys have a moderately tough schedule going forward, but they have to meet the New York Giants again. Even without Romo, they might be able to claw and scratch their way to a wild card berth.  They have the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Arizona Cardinals, the Indianapolis Colts and the Detroit Lions coming up. If the Dallas Cowboys players decide to actually play, they might have a chance to sneak their way into the playoffs. If not, then Jerry Jones will have the heads of coaches and assistant coaches in Dallas, starting with Wade Philips.


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