Philly Staked: The Fall of the Philadelphia Phillies and the Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Phillies were playing at home against the San Francisco Giants at Citizens Bank Park for the NLCS Game 6.  The game was a decisive game, as well the next one, if there was to be a next one.  Instead, Ryan Madson gave the Giants the winning home run to Juan Uribe.  The ball came off Uribe’s bat toward right field and flew…then dropped just past the wall for a home run. Madson was stunned, and he knew the implications. Phillies manager Charlie Manuel was chewing his chew intensely, also knowing well what this meant.  However, the last inning gave the Phillies a glimmer of hope. Maybe.  Until Ross Gload stepped up the plate as a pinch hitter for Brad Lidge. Gload should not hit anything, ever. He grounded out to second, and the first out came. Jimmy Rollins got the walk from Giants closer Brian Wilson. Placido Polanco grounded to third, and Jimmy Rollins got out on second. Chase Utley got a walk. Sliver of hope with runners on first and second, and Ryan Howard is up.  Brian Wilson pitched outside and worked his way inside.  Finally, Ryan Howard stared down the ball into the third strike, and the NLCS game was over for the Philadelphia Phillies.   The only redeeming thing about this game was the fact that Kane Kalas, the son of the late Harry Kalas,  sang during the 7th inning stretch.

Sunday, the Church of Football was redemption time for Philadelphia sports fans. The Philadelphia Eagles were going to take on the Tennessee Titans, albeit not at home.  Kevin Kolb and the Eagles appeared respectable and kept the score 16-7 until late third quarter.  Then the Philadelphia Eagles began folding when Kevin Kolb fumbled late third quarter. The the Titans suddenly woke up in the fourth quarter. Kerry Collins to Kenny Britt touchdowns, one after the other, until the Eagles were down 30-19. Kevin Kolb put the nail in the coffin with the last interception to the Titans, and the Titans capped it off with a touchdown with 0:22 left. Michael Vick will get the start next game.  Hopefully, the Eagles can redeem themselves.

You knew it was bad when you have to face a giant and a titan on the same weekend. Slaying both was a going to be a difficult task.


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