NFL Upset of the Week in Week 7: Darren McFadden and the Oakland Raiders Dominate the Denver Broncos

Darren McFadden ran for his career last night. Heck, he ran for his life.  Michael Bush was biting at his feet for his starting job the past couple of weeks, since McFadden had his hamstring injured. McFadden scored early in the first quarter, off the heels of a Raiders defense return for a touchdown and the tight end Zach Miller touchdown.   In the early second quarter, McFadden strikes in the air for a touchdown against the Denver secondary.  By this time, Denver wished it had Brian Dawkins back.  Maybe he could’ve lead a counterattack against this offense. At 9:46, McFadden runs for another touchdown from four yards from the goal line.  It was obvious the Oakland Raiders were still splitting time between Darren McFadden and Michael Bush so they can test the hamstring.  Darren McFadden scored one more touchdown from 57 yards out late third quarter. McFadden accumulated a lot of yardage this quarter rushing, and a token rushing touchdown was scored by his reliever Michael Bush. This rout was a bit unexpected, but it shows you that this season of the NFL is erratic.  And it also shows you that Jason Campbell is a capable quarterback still.  (And if you have Darren McFadden in fantasy football, this is as good as time to start him, given he scored three touchdowns still with an injury. Imagine him fully healed.)


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