Philadelphia Phillies vs. San Francisco Giants: NLCS Game 5 Post-Game Analysis

After the passing rains in the San Francisco Bay area, the Philadelphia Phillies have won one to bring the rest of this exciting series back at home.  Now it’s Philadelphia Phillies pitchers Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels to finish the job started by Roy Halladay.  Roy Halladay had a bit of an off-day, but this game had an off-day, too. Both first basemen of the respective teams, Ryan Howard and Aubrey Huff, committed errors.  Aubrey Huff committed an error in the third inning, and Ryan Howard committed a similar error in the fifth inning. Despite this and Roy Halladay not pitching as well as expected, Philadelphia Phillies closer Brad Lidge closed the game in fine form, and helped Roy Halladay with the win.

Here’s what I learned from this game:

  • Roy Halladay should “phantom” bunt more. The hit in the third inning set off a chain of events in Phillies’ favor somehow.
  • Ross Gload should not hit. Anything. That hit in the 7th inning into a double-play at first base was disgusting to watch.
  • Another Romo has problems with the rain. Giants pitcher Sergio Romo took a bad spill of the mound.
  • Ryan Madson was focused when he pitched. And I believe he has figured out Cody Ross‘s tendencies.  Too bad Madson can’t pitch every time Ross is up to bat.
  • Note to self: Avoid women wearing hats with miniature cities on them named Tammy Nelson.  Particularly those that sing God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch.

After a strange game with “phantom” bunts and other assorted madness, it’s Roy Oswalt to start Game 6 at Citizens Bank Park in front of rabid Phillies fans.

Go Phillies!


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