Philadelphia Eagles vs. Tennessee Titans: Week 7 Pre-Game Analysis


Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb and Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young are comparable.  Kolb has a 98 quarterback rating, and Young has a 99 rating.  Young has more mobility, but the edge slightly leans toward the Philadelphia Eagles because of the receiving corps.  Additionally, the Eagles are more balanced, ranking 8th in both the pass and the run.

Running backs:

Chris Johnson ranks third in the run, and earns 4.3 yards per carry. LeSean McCoy meanwhile has earned 4.8 yards per carry, but has two touchdowns less than Chris Johnson. LeSean McCoy, however, has some tougher sledding than compared to Chris Johnson against this Titans defense that ranks 8th against the run. Chris Johnson and the Titans get the obvious edge here.

Wide Receivers:

Jeremy Maclin of the Philadelphia Eagles already has 6 touchdowns and averaging 16.6 yards per reception. Jason Avant, DeSean Jackson‘s replacement due to concussion, is only averaging 9.9 yards per reception. Kenny Britt and Nate Washington are averaging 13-14 yards per reception, and have 7 touchdowns total between the both of them.  The Philadelphia Eagles have a slight edge.

Tight Ends:

Bo Scaife has two touchdowns and averaging 10.8 yards receptions per carry. Brent Celek has two touchdowns as well, and averaging 11.6 yards per carry. This one is a push in my frank opinion.


The Philadelphia Eagles rank 22nd in the run and 9th against the pass.  On the opposite side of the coin, the Tennessee Titans defense ranks 23rd against the pass, but 8th against the rush. This one may be a push, but Chris Johnson has potential to break out a big one against the Eagles.


Jeff Fisher will obviously attempt to run first, and Andy Reid will most likely still be a pass-first offense.  Meanwhile, Kevin Kolb may be intensely motivated to keep his starting job, so he may still play quite aggressively.  The edge goes to the Eagles.

The Edge:

21-17 Eagles.  I am a bit wary regarding this game.  If Chris Johnson can dominate in the first quarter, the game can turn in Tennessee Titans favor easily.


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