Philadelphia Phillies vs. San Francisco Giants: NLCS Game 4 Post-Game Analysis

It’s the East Coast meets West Coast, and so far, the San Francisco Giants have stuck it to the Philadelphia Phillies at their home ballpark. This is it — make or break time for the Phillies.  No pressure, Roy Halladay…seriously, no pressure.

Here’s what I learned last night:

  • First and foremost, Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Roy Oswalt should NEVER close a game. That was the worst idea Charlie Manuel had. Oswalt didn’t have the frame of mind at that time.  Charlie Manuel should’ve put in Brad Lidge instead.
  • Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Joe Blanton needs to control his pitches.  He was a bit of the Wild Thing last night. Hitting Cody Ross with a pitch is not a good way to start the second inning for the Phillies.
  • Now, the Phillies have to worry about Giants rookie catcher Buster Posey AND Cody Ross. Admittedly, Buster Posey may have had Joe Blanton’s number that night.
  • Only if Philadelphia Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz had Jimmy Rollins‘ legs…maybe it would have been a different game…
  • San Francisco Giants rookie pitcher Madison Bumgarner did a good job of “managing” the game, before the bullpen rotation began.
  • San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson is one cool-headed closer, even I have to admit.

The Phillies have to make tonight’s game count. Go Phillies!


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