Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb Quarterback Controversy…Seriously?

Kevin Kolb did well for the Philadelphia Eagles against the Atlanta Falcons last Sunday.  He led the team to a 31-17 win over the Falcons.  He passed for 326 yards and 3 touchdowns.  He ended the day with a 133 quarterback rating, which was absolutely fantastic. The only major disaster for  Eagles that occurred was DeSean Jackson‘s severe concussion.  He will most likely miss the playoffs, if it is that severe.

Michael Vick was told to sit out for this game in the locker room.  Vick did well for the Eagles himself a couple of games prior to his injury. He maintained a 100+ rating over three games, culminating to a 120 quarterback rating and 3 touchdowns against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Kevin Kolb is likely to start against the Tennessee Titans this week before the bye.  I agree with Andy Reid‘s decision to ride the hot hand while you can.  At the bye week, Andy Reid should make his final decision for the rest of the season.   If he or the organization decides Michael Vick will be better as trade bait, the decision must be made at that point. However, if he decides if he is trade bait, Reid must be aware that there might not be a next season, if the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) and the owners don’t reach a collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

Personally, I would stick with Kevin Kolb as my starter.  He seems to adjusting better, and he’s getting better vision downfield.  Additionally, the offensive line is at least trying to hold the pocket for him.  And he’s already built chemistry with Brent Celek and Jeremy Maclin. I would relegate Michael Vick to back up Kevin Kolb myself.  Michael Vick trade value might be forgotten if the lockout occurs next year.


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