Philadelphia Phillies vs. San Francisco Giants: NLCS Games 1 and 2 Post-Game Analyses

What I learned about Games 1 and 2:

  • Tim Lencicum chose the wrong time to fail in Game 1, but…
  • The Phillies still strand runners in scoring postiions at the wrong time.  Ryan Howard missed his opportunities twice in both games, with bases loaded. Jayson Werth was guilty of this once, as well.
  • Brad Lidge likes to keep things interesting, with bases loaded.
  • Brian Wilson is a darn good closer for the San Francisco Giants in Game 1.
  • Roy Oswalt was a better pitcher in Game 2 as opposed to Roy Halladay in Game 1.  He didn’t get flustered with hits and was more patient with his pitches.
  • Once the Philadelphia Phillies get hot with their bats, they get hot. The 7th inning of Game 2 they went beserk with the bats, and opened up the game. The Phillies should do this more often.
  • Jonathan Sanchez was a pretty darn good pitcher…until the 7th inning of Game 2. Then the Giants began using their bullpen.
  • Cody Ross had both Roy Halladay’s and Roy Oswalt’s numbers on the pitch on the inside.  The Phillies should attempt to avoid that pitch.  Cole Hamels should take note in the next game. Walking him may be the best option; attempting to strike him out may not be, but it could take Ross off his game, like Ryan Madson did.
  • Ryan Madson likes to keep games interesting, too. With bases on first and third, he got the tying batter out on a ground ball.
  • Lastly, Sergio Romo isn’t related to Tony Romo.  Go Phillies! And, onto the next game in this tied series.

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