Jerome Harrison: What the Trade Means to the Philadelphia Eagles.


Jerome Harrison Against the Kansas City Chiefs


Jerome Harrison has recently been traded to the Philadelphia Eagles for Mike Bell.  This is a trade that I don’t like for the Eagles.  I think they got the short end in this trade.  Jerome Harrison is already injured, and he’s not a particularly good running back, averaging 2.9 yards per carry.  Even though he ended last season with a bang, Jerome Harrison has been a whimper for the Cleveland Browns.  Unfortunately, it was due to lack of talent.  When he initially began, he blew up with the Kansas City Chiefs last year scoring three touchdowns, and 100 yards plus running and a touchdown in each of last games in Oakland and Jacksonville.  Neither of the three teams were particularly effective at stopping the run at that time.  But game-planning by the other teams have caught up to him in the beginning of the 2010 season. The only game he was effective was against Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which has a nominal defense.  However, against Baltimore Ravens and the Kansas City Chiefs, he was held to meager 1-2 yards per carry.

Mike Bell is already in a good position to take over, if Peyton Hillis still is limited.  One note though, if you’ve paid attention, Peyton Hillis has slowly become less and less effective too as the season has progressed.  His yards per carry has dropped from 6 to 3 in a matter of three games. Peyton Hillis may fall by the wayside in the manner of Jerome Harrison.  Then Mike Bell will have the opportunity to take over at the Cleveland Browns’ and Eric Mangini‘s revolving door of running backs. Just some food for thought.  I still think the Eagles go the short end of this trade, but time may decide.


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