NFL Week 5: The Brett Favre Edition

Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings look horrible against the New York Jets.  Not that Mark Sanchez was doing any better.  But this is third time, I think, that Brett Favre has given up on the season.  For all the sports commentators touting about his fighting spirit, Brett Favre has evolved to what he’s ultimately been the past couple of years: a child and a diva. But not without a fight. He bypassed the 500 touchdown mark and the 70,000 yard mark last night.  A couple of golf claps…

He said his distraction concerning Jenn Sterger, former gameday host for the Jets, wasn’t going to impact the game.   But it appears it has.  The exchange of explicit communique and photos with Jenn Sterger will only sink Brett Favre in this era of iron-handed NFL comissioner Robert Goodell.   Minimally, I believe he will be fined by the Commissioner for this action.  Whether or not, Favre will get suspension, quite possibly depends on the cooperation and testimony of Jenn Sterger. The truth remains that Brett Favre will have to hope she has no axe to grind against him — emotional, financial or otherwise. His selfish needs still outweigh his Minnesota Vikings teammates even now and could potentially implode the Vikings season.

It is said that a man can find redemption only if he seeks it.


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