NFL Week 5: What I’ve Learned (The Early Edition)

  1. The Indianapolis Colts can still win, despite being plagued by injuries. But the struggle against the Chiefs leads to many unanswered questions.
  2. The New Orleans Saints was usurped by the Arizona Cardinals. More questions.
  3. Dallas Cowboys loss to Tennessee Titans. It didn’t look good from the beginning, but Tony Romo did pick it up.  Well, Romo doesn’t have to blame anyone but himself.  No pop singers or rainy weather to blame on this time.
  4. Oakland Raiders won over San Diego Chargers. This is epic, but it shows what an inspired (and often underestimated) defense can do.
  5. Philadelphia won over San Fransisco. Barely. It shows what a motivated Alex Smith is capable of and a driven Mike Singletary.  On the other side of the coin,  it also shows how bad Philadelphia is when they’re competing with an anemic offense like the 49ers.
  6. Washington Redskins over Green Bay. Are the Green Bay Packers for real or just a sham?  Aaron Rogers was touted as one of the best quarterbacks this season because of the explosiveness of the offense, but all has gone to waste.
  7. New York Giants win over Houston Texans. Actually they throttled them.  The offense and defense of the New York Giants crushed the Texans.  What happened to the Texans and Matt Schaub over the last couple of weeks?
  8. Baltimore Ravens won over Denver Broncos. Ray Rice is the real deal. Kyle Orton is the real deal. Brandon Lloyd is the real deal.

This season has been one of the craziest. But the end of the last season foretold something like this was going to happen, when upstart rookies were blazing into the scene.


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