The Philadelphia Eagles vs. The San Francisco 49ers: Pre-Game Analysis


Alex Smith and Kevin Kolb are comparable. Kevin Kolb has slightly better statistics at a 71.1 QB rating as opposed to Alex Smith 66.6, but both are comparable.  With the exception of more playing time and the fact he has a touchdown for the last three games, the edge should go to Alex Smith.  But with the much more explosive passing offense, the edge, in reality, goes to Kevin Kolb.

Running Backs:

LeSean McCoy is playing injured, just like many other running backs in the league currently. However, he still lacks the vision downfield and leg strength, like Brian Westbrook did. Mike Bell may come in as a replacement for the injured McCoy, if McCoy can’t fight through it.  Frank Gore on the ground is doing no better, averaging a bit under 4 yards per carry, but Gore is much more dangerous a receiver for Alex Smith. Even though LeSean McCoy has the edge on the ground game at 5.5 yards per carry, Frank Gore has the talent and the skill to tear through the inconsistent Eagles defense that’s vulnerable against the run — and with Gore, against the pass. The edge goes to Frank Gore.

Wide Receivers:

Comparably, the Eagles wide reciever corp has been far superior, even though all the receivers are averaging about 11-12 yards per reception.  DeSean Jackson, while under Michael Vick, had a touchdown in each of those games, while Michael Crabtree has been struggling to even find the endzone. Supposedly, the 49ers new offensive coordinator Mike Johnson will help the 49ers in this regard.  We’ll wait and see. For now, the edge still remains with the Eagles.

Tight Ends:

Brent Celek has been the more productive tight end at 12 receptions for 128 yards and a touchdown at this point in the season.  Vernon Davis recently scored a touchdown in his last game — finally.  I believe Vernon Davis  is the more talented tight end than Brent Celek, but with the sputtering offense of 49ers currently, the edge goes to Brent Celek.


The Philadelphia Eagles defense has been great against the pass, ranking fifth currently, but against the run, not so much.  They rank on the near bottom.  The 49ers are ranked in the bottom half in both the pass and the run.  In other words, the Eagles defense should give Alex Smith trouble in allowing passing lanes. The edge goes with the Eagles.


Andy Reid needs to teach discipline to the defense and squash the false starts. However, with the constant quarterback rotation, it isn’t easy.  He also needs to learn how to manage the clock, but he does the same thing every year — using timeouts or challenges early and often, even with Donovan McNabb. Mike Singletary on the other hand might be fighting for his job.  A desperate man is a dangerous man is often said.  However, he lacks a team to back it up for the time being.  He can only count on two players to be somewhat consistent: Frank Gore and Vernon Davis. The edge, however, goes to the 49ers for a better coach overall. Singletary simply has less to work with, not that he’s incompetent.

The Edge:

The edge goes to the Eagles.  However, Andy Reid and the false starts and penalties can lose the game for the Eagles. I expect a good game: 24-14 Eagles.


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