Fantasy Football Running Back Quick Picks for Week 5

Maurice Jones-Drew (Jacksonville vs. Buffalo Bills): Potential for this one.  I opt for borderline RB1.

CJ Spiller/Fred Jackson (Buffalo Bills vs. Jacksonville): Either of them should have been released from your roster by now, but if you still have them, keep them on your bench.  They’re not even worth a flex position on your bench at this point.

Cadillac Williams (Tampa Bay vs. Cincinatti): He could be worth a gamble as a RB2, but it’s a high-risk gamble.  Before you put him there, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Cedric Benson (Cincinatti vs. Tampa Bay): Rashard Mendenhall tore through them last week. Same style runner, but with less talent.  Still he should have a viable day as a RB2/borderline RB1.

Michael Turner (Atlanta vs. Cleveland): Still a solid RB1, but Cleveland defense have been playing better than they look in the mirror.

Peyton Hillis (Cleveland vs. Atlanta): Low-end RB1/solid RB2  in my opinion in this matchup.  Atlanta’s defense is more annoying than aggressive.

Steven Jackson (St. Louis vs. Detroit): Battered and bruised, he’s going to be a low-end RB1 realistically, even against Detroit.

Javhid Best (Detroit vs. St. Louis): He’s recovered quit fast considering.  He’s also a low-end RB1, but remain well-aware he still has turf toe.  It may not bite him in this game but in the future.

Thomas Jones/Jamaal Charles (Kansas City vs. Indianapolis): Both should be qualified as solid RB1s.  Thomas Jones gets the upside for the mere fact he’s a tank. Admit it.

Joseph Addai (Indianapolis vs. Kansas City): Tough matchup. He’s at best a RB2, but realistically, he should be a RB3 or reserve.

John Kuhn (Chicago vs. Carolina): John Kuhn is obviously favored over Brandon Jackson for Green Bay. Against Carolina, he could have a good outing. Solid RB2.

DeAngelo Williams (Carolina vs. Chicago): Tough sledding. Low-end RB2.

Correll Buckhalter (Denver vs. Baltimore): He should be on the waiver wire by now.

Ray Rice (Baltimore vs. Denver): He’s a RB1 despite facing a tough defense.

Ahmad Bradshaw (New York Giants vs. Houston): Easily ranks into low-end RB1/high-end RB2 territory.

Arian Foster (Houston vs. New York Giants): Ride the horse on this one. RB1.

Adrian Peterson (Minnesota vs. New York Jets): RB1, but he could potentially end up as high-end RB2 against this defense.

LaDanian Tomlinson (New York Jets vs. Minnesota): Low-end RB1. I’m not quite buying the hype just yet.


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