Marshawn Lynch: What the Trade Means for the Seattle Seahawks

The Buffalo Bills trade for Marshawn Lynch significantly impacts both teams.  One becomes much worse as a result — the Buffalo Bills, and one becomes slightly better.  CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson together so far have accumulated a little over 130 yards.  Unfortunately, either of them are spectacular. CJ Spiller averaging 3.5 yards per carry, and Fred Jackson averaging a bit over 4 yards.  Marshawn Lynch isn’t that great either averaging a bit over 4 yards per carry.  But what this trade does is splits time between Justin Forsett and Marshawn Lynch, a potentially dangerous tandem like Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs.  The Seahawks, in my opinion, still has the better upside.  Justin Forsett is the more skilled back than either CJ Spiller or Fred Jackson.  With relief in the form of Marshawn Lynch, Justin Forsett could potentially break out again, like he did the middle of  last year.


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