Fantasy Football Quarterback Quick Picks for Week 5

Matt Schaub (Houston vs. New York Giants): He’s a far better quarterback than Jay Cutler. I would rank him a solid QB1 since Arian Foster should be able to temper an inspired New York pass rush.

Kyle Orton (Denver vs. Baltimore): Compared to Joe Flacco, I would rather take Kyle over Joe Flacco simply because he himself is not facing Champ Bailey and the Denver passing defense. He should be worth a borderline QB1 in my opinion.

Joe Flacco (Baltimore vs. Denver): Joe Flacco is talented, but against the Denver defense, I wouldn’t take that risk.  He’s at best a QB2 in this situation.

Brett Favre (Minnesota vs. New York Jets): Hard to bite on him without Sydney Rice in this game.  Minnesota should resort to running Adrian Peterson on this defense – a lot.  He’s at best a QB2.

Mark Sanchez (New York Jets vs. Minnesota): He should be worth a QB2, at least, with the way the offense has been running literally.

Matt Ryan (Atlanta vs. Cleveland): He should do okay, but I won’t count him beyond a borderline QB1. Cleveland appears to better than they are, despite having an erratic defense.

Eli Manning (New York Giants vs. Houston): Eli should be generally considered a QB2 by default, and this is no exception. Until I see Eli click with his offense, he won’t make me a believer.

Kevin Kolb (Philadelphia vs. San Francisco): He’s at best a QB3 in most situations, but for this game, he should be able to qualify as a QB2. Growing pains and quarterback controversies don’t make things easier.

Alex Smith (San Francisco vs. Philadelphia): He should remain a QB3 in this game. Vernon Davis is the only reliable receiver he can count on.

Sam Bradford (St. Louis vs. Detroit): He should continue to shine in this game. I would use him as a borderline QB1.

Shaun Hill (Detroit vs. St. Louis): Even though he has a favorable game, I wouldn’t count him as a borderline QB1/solid QB2. Javhid Best and Kevin Smith will be used more, I expect.

Matt Cassell (Kansas City vs. Indianapolis): Matt has become a solid QB2 since his defense arose to the occasion and having a solid running back.

Peyton Manning (Indianapolis vs. Kansas City): Well, Peyton gets to put this defense to the test. With no apparent running game with the Colts, it’s up to Reggie Wayne at this point. He’s a borderline QB1.

Drew Brees (New Orleans vs. Arizona): Without a running game, this passing has quieted down.  However, Drew Brees should be the top QB1 against Arizona.

Max Hall (Arizona vs. New Orleans): Max should be a low-end QB2 against New Orleans. I wouldn’t put him anything above that at this point.

Donovan McNabb (Washington vs. Green Bay): McNabb will be under tremendous pressure from the Green Bay pass rush all day. Solid QB2.

Aaron Rogers (Green Bay vs. Washington): He should have a pretty good day.  Still should be a QB1 in this game.


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