Michael Vick: Back to the Dogwash

Michael Vick got injurred in the first quarter of the game with the Washington Redskins, the touted game against Donovan McNabb.  A disaster for fantasy football players and Eagles fans…
A Note to Michael:

Michael Vick, you did well for the Philadelphia Eagles, while you were still healthy.  But running, your Achilles heel, bit you after three games over a 100 QB rating. You should have slid instead of attempting to dive for a touchdown, a dark reminder of Donovan McNabb a while back. The Eagles fans have to resort to the next-generation Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb again.  Kevin Kolb is nothing more than above average.  He’s salvageable, however, but it may take more than this year since he lacks vision downfield and still erratic decision-making.  The Eagles can still have hope of reaching the playoffs, but the team needs to greatly improve.  First, the Eagles defense, particularly against the run, is horrible.  Second, Kevin Kolb needs to mature, and the Eagles fans will have to bear with losses, LOTS of losses.  Lastly, the Eagles have to develop LeSean McCoy.  True, this year he has improved and gained better vision downfield.  Unfortunately, he still lacks leg strength to power himself to turn on a dime, like his replacement Brian Westbrook or the current Ray Rice.

Eagles fans, don’t worry. Michael Vick will make his return.  At least you can lay to rest any uncertainties for a trade this early for him.


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